10 ft. Single by Stela Dallas photo by David Kuperminc

Personal style comes down to a lot of things, but in the end it’s as simple as a reflection of your own voice. My voice in particular screams oversized vintage rocker tee, folded down motorcycle boots, and 70’s blackout aviators. Where do I find my pieces to build my look? Good question.

One of our favorite stops in the thrift shoppers mecca of Williamsburg is a very well-hidden gem known as 10ft Single by Stella Dallas. The name alone grabs your attention, but when you first walk in and see two large rooms wall to wall with military jackets  and leather boots you’ll have a hard time leaving. Coming from a background of fashion design in Americana outerwear I can attest that their vintage looks are legit, and as a rocker I can tell you I have drooled over their collection of band tees.

Their shoe and boot collection is something to be admired. Not only do they have a shoe section that spills into two rooms, but the well over fifty clothing racks are lined with a variety of footwear. For those of you looking for those rare pieces if you make it in before the rush you can find vintage 60’s mod looks to full on jumpers. The selection of vintage leather jackets encompass everything from rocker carcasses, aviation jackets, and even Euro-cut moto jackets. It’s almost impossible to not find something.

Long story short we are in love with 10 ft. Single by Stella Dallas, and next time you are around 285 N 6th st. Brooklyn, NY 11211 you will be too.