Gentlemen Prefer Blonds

One of our personal favorite names in fashion made a monumental move this fashion week by releasing their first ever men’s line. We would be lying if we said we didn’t want every single piece in the collection, but for now all we can do is drool over the intricate rock and roll glamour that is synonymous with The Blonds.

Photograph by Veronica Ibarra

The transition from womenswear to menswear is often a difficult one as the construction is generally far more complex, and keeping the collection fluid proves too hard for many designers. As each look came down the runway it was almost as if the transition was seamless.

The signature intricate detailing and formfitting metal-clad-crystalline influences pulled together one of our favorite shows of the season. The crystal laced singlets bring new meaning to the term “glamrock”. The rich color combined with the dramatic texture of the piece is hard not to fixate on.

Photograph by Veronica Ibarra


The men’s line offers an alternative for the guys out there who are not comfortable enough with their figure to rock a singlet. A combination metal mesh and leather calaboration come together to create a look that draws from a classic look in a renovated light. In all aspects the pieces speak clearly and concisely with the aesthetic we live for here at Kouturtion. The heavy emphasis of metals and rare minerals bring on an underlying theme of deity-esque road warriors who could kick your ass.

Unlike many designers who attempt a crossover there were no snags either in production value or overall cohesion of the collection. It was as if The Blonds have been in the menswear business for decades. It comes off as effortless  and makes us wonder why their peers, who focus on single gender lines, have been struggling both with concept and production.

With what we have seen so far The Blonds are still a force to be reckoned with and they just added another major weapon to their arsenal. We can only imagine the future direction of this powerhouse label and the new clients that come with it. It is no secret that when an artist is looking to “glamout” their look the first stop is with our two favorite blonde bombshells. Some of their clients include Nicki Minaj, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Hudson, and Adam Lambert. We would love to see our friends, The Semi Precious Weapons, decked out from head to toe in our new favorite men’s collection.  We are already shifting funds and getting ready for a steady diet of ramen to get a little piece of this staple in fashion reinvention.

Visit the Blonds website to view the full collection.