Glamour Gouhls.

A family that styles together rocks together. This past weekend we broke into the superhero themed Halloween party hosted by our favorite rockstar glamazon, Rabecca Faye, dressed as Wonder Woman.

Faith as Flash with Rabecca as Wonder Woman

The place to be was Glamour Garage owned and operated by Rebecca herself. This two story space sports a downstairs hair salon that rocks everything from car seats repurposed into styling chairs to engines used as coffee tables. The upstairs is a fully functional tattoo parlor with an outward facing window so people on the street can view the artists at work, and trust us you want to watch.

Once you finally take in the pinups and street art that encompasses every surface you are ready to dive in to one of the best Halloween parties New York had to offer. When we say we braved the elements to make it in that night we are not exaggerating.  The snow and wind were doing everything to keep us inside, but to our surprise the venue was filled to capacity.

(L to R) Rabecca, Naomi, Faith, and Ayame.

We ran into some of our favorites Faith Huffnaggle (dressed as a foxy girl Flash), Ayame Matsuoka (dressed as sexy Batgirl), Naomi Yasuda (dressed like a cute female Robin), and Justing Goslin (channeling a gogo Superman). These talented individuals make up the strongest styling team one could ever wish for. The costumes and personalities that night reminded us why we moved to this city in the first place; to have real conversations and experiences with the creative and talented.

Part of team K dressed as a Joker goon.

The looks that night were something to come out for and the party itself was somewhere between a backstage pass meets a naughty high school after party. We are happy avoiding getting trampled in a parade or snuffed out in a crowded club because we satisfied the child within and we did it in the most glamourous way possible.

Faith and Justin

For all of your styling/tattoo needs visit the infamous Glamour Garage located on 141 Havemeyer Street in Brooklyn, New York. Glamour Garage is open 12 pm – 7 pm, 7 days a week. We do not trust anyone else with our look and you shouldn’t either.

A more in depth look into the glamazons of Hello Beaituful/Glamour Garage coming soon…