Sometimes we at Team K like to get creative, and when we get creative we like to drag our friends into the action. In a previous post we were gushing about one of our favorite face painters Denise Daly. Denise recently had eighteen pages picked up by the bible of the industry, Italian Vogue. It is always an amazing experience to see someone we consider an original talent get noticed, and when that talent wants to introduce you to her rock star friends it is hard to say no.

Denise Daly putting on the finishing touches for the foundation.

We recently took part in a laid back photo shoot as an excuse to pull together some amazing people for our roster. We met with Denise in her colorful and exuberant apartment for a few glasses of wine and a whole lot of makeup. Upon arrival Denise was breaking down her impressive kit that had any and every color you could imagine. It proved extremely difficult not to want to try all of them.

After a few minutes our new favorite fresh face entered the apartment. Stephanie Nicole Podasca instantly reminded us of one of our old friends and “it” girls Julia Dunstall. She had an easy going attitude with one of those faces that could easily morph from classic beauty to uncontrollable rockstar. The role of the model is often downplayed and sometimes the beauties we shoot are referred to as mannequins. It is important to drop this  outplayed mindset. A wide variety of girls and guys walk into a shoot and bring their own perspective that not only helps you identify their strong point, but can also be the factor that takes a commercial look to the high fashion pages of Italian Vogue.

The Natural and Nude selections from Denise's extensive kit

Denise went straight to work on one of the hardest looks one could attempt, a natural complexion with a dramatic eye. After a good minute of meticulous makeup work we were ready to take off to our next location. We grabbed a few bottles of wine and made our way to the impressive loft space of camera equipped Rocio Segura. We were finally getting back to the root of all creative endeavors. The feeling of orchestrating a story for the sake of creating has long been abandoned in the professional industry. We had a collaboration one could only dream of on a shoot. Everyone seemed to get along seamlessly. Without any egos we were able to create some amazing looks and even better shots.

Behind the scenes shot of the Girls at work.

Team K took a back seat and watched the ladies work as they created something spectacular out of a simple concept and a back drop. More often than not the editorial pieces that we have come across recently seem to lose their voice behind props and editing. It was a great refresher to break down the process and go back to the basics. Perhaps next time we will drop digital all together (fingers crossed).

Denise putting on a hot pink lip.

Each look seemed to take seconds to switch out and the versatile Denise Daly was able to generate colors and textures that only come with knowing the tricks of the trade. Our model was beyond verssed in her own face, which if you have ever worked with an uncooperative model, you know is a blessing. Rocio Segura had walked us through her impressive book earlier in the night and we quickly realized her success lies in her grasp on the core concepts of photography; lighting, proportions, and timing.

Stephanie playing with smoke for a shot

We are more than thrilled to have a network of individuals who are immersed in the industry and willing to work for a concept, not a check. There are already ideas flowing and projects in the works. For a closer look at the individual work of our favorite new team members follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and keep an eye out for the finished shoot that we will post as soon as we get our eager hands on the finals.

To see more of our girl Rocio Segura’s work click here.

Daly Dose

There is nothing we love more than an emerging creative talent, unless that talent is one of our closest friends. Denise Daly has had a variety of experiences both in life and in the fashion world. She has seen on both sides of the camera, first as a model signed with the super agency FORD models making her mark in South America as a brunette bombshell, and picking up the brush to create some of our most favorite painted faces in the industry.

Denise is a bicoastal force to be reckoned with who has held down positions that most would work a lifetime to achieve, but to Denise her personal well-being and work always come first. When you first meet Denise it is a full frontal assault of energy and laughter, but behind the personality lies a professional mindset with the charisma to match.

Denise prides herself in staying true to her personal style and progression in the fashion industry. She holds a characteristic that most people could only dream of, an understanding that life is too short to squander away. When she finds herself in a situation that is detrimental to her personal and professional growth she throws caution to the wind and sets off on her next conquest. If that means leaving a high paying position to wait tables and build up her book, or breaking free of the hustle of the city to spend time at an Ashram, Denise always finds a way to center herself.

Denise Daly Styling and makeup for Italian Vogue online

Denise has a wide variety of talents and work that spans from commercial to editorial. Her work for Italian Vogue as a stylist and makeup artist was recently featured on Italian Vogue. She is proof that passion and patience pay off and that complacency has no part in successful living. Whether it is her independent projects, her photography, her makeup work, or even teaching yoga classes, Denise brings her own personal style to the surface. If more people in the industry were open to collaboration and self promotion the industry would be back on track. Denise is one of a kind and we are looking forward to seeing more of her daily progression.