What happened last night?

A question that comes up all too often in this city. In between the bright lights and bar tabs some nights fall between the cracks, but we can’t get this past one out of our minds.

The extremely talented and non-stop energetic beat blasters, Johnathan and BPRO, have been playing on loop in our heads since we saw their last show. The venue was packed, but everyone was hooked on the sound that we can only describe as Prince slapping Daft Punk across the face while David Bowie watched.

Jonathan and BPRO Photogrpah by Santiago Felipe

Johnathan and BPRO have taken electro-pop to a new level. The high energy fusion of sound and visuals drags you in, but the connection between the artists and the fans keeps you coming back. We can only describe the experience as stumbling across that one song that has been in the back of your mind since you can remember, and finally being able to put a name to it.

Performance at Sugarland Photo by Holly Van Voast

The scene savvy duo have perfected the balance of relatable lyrics and making their sound one of a kind. One of our favorite tracks by Johnathan and BPRO captures the essence of a common experience in NYC, “What Happened Last Night“, but seeing it live is definitely an experience. Jonathan belts out the lyrics, and before you realize it you are singing right along with him. Simultaneously you are mesmerized by BPRO beats, and your night belongs to them.

The duo have a rare combination of sound, looks, and reliability which does not come around too often. The last time we saw that mash up was a few years back with Semi Precious Weapons, and they are now playing packed stadiums all around the world. In short we see Jonathan and BPRO blowing up in ways they themselves could not even imagine.

If you want to see the band preform live (and trust us… you do) they have a steady gig the last Friday of every month at Sugarland Bar NYC. Remember to bring a camera because between the dancing and the music you might find yourself not remembering what happened last night. This Friday Jonathan and BPRO kick off their new party Flash Pop. Don’t miss out.

For more free music downloads and info on Jonathan and BPRO click here. Interview coming soon so stay posted.