Blonds at the Beach

We were recently honored with an invitation to The Blonds Spring 2013 showing. To say we were thrilled would be an understatement. Upon arrival we ran into familiar faces ranging from iconic club kids to bedazzled beauties from all over the world. The energy was high as looks pushed and pulled their way into Milk Studios all hoping to get a glance at the glamourous designer duo before the show.

Paris Hilton and Adam Lambert Pre-show

We ran into some industry favorites like Kerin Rose, a rockstar eyewear designer who has a long list of celebrity clients, to view her intricate and unforgivably awesome pieces click here. Next in line is a longtime suporter of The Blonds, Adam Lambert. Showing up sporting an ashy grey new do Adam comanded the room with a well-crafted leather detailed blazer and smokey eye. Shortly after we ran into one of the most recognized blonde beauties to grace the front row, Paris Hilton. In her usual ever-so-photogenic demeanor Paris posed for fan photos before taking her place next to Adam in the front row. One of our new favorites was the surprisingly sweat Rick Genest, or as most of you know him, Zombie Boy. In a punked out Mad Max inspired outfit Rick was ready to put his own spin on glamrock. He kept the audience members captivated with his intricate outerwear that balanced with his over the top aesthetic.

Rick Genest Wearing The Blonds

The crowds quickly took their place around a crowded runway with anticipation and excitement. Natalia Kills was seated dead center to witness the sickening looks first hand while we closed in for a good view of the show and a place to snap our favorite looks. At that moment the music started thumping. It was a mixture of Caribbean beats and club kid throw backs with a fun energetic beat. In true Blonds style the show started out with a dazzling one piece that almost emulated Gem to the T.  Shortly after a tongue and cheek men’s suit followed with a strategically placed tube of lipstick that played off of the Blonds sense of humor and youthful energy.

Outfit that Started the Show

The Blonds Menswear Spring 2013

At this point in the show the crowd was cheering and throwing their hands into the air with every new look to stomp the runway. Luminescent colors and floral decals owned the runway as the show progressed. A true taste of Rio followed with bedazzled corsets and one pieces that captivated the viewer to the brink of hypnosis. Each piece had a spark of its own character and construction, but the one piece that made everyone’s jaw drop was a look Phillipe Blond owned on the runway. This jewel incrusted piece sported a blood read color palette framed by a sliver king sized shark jaw that would have made jaws blush. We wanted nothing more than to dive into the hauntingly glamourous piece and rock it at a pool party just to hear the screams.

Phillipe Blond in a Show Stopping Piece from the Collection

We left the show frazzled and bedazzled, and wanted more.  Team K quickly joined forces with Astro Erle, Amanda Lepore, Rick Genest, Bobby Webster, and a handful of glamour gals to head over to the after party at Le Bain. Avoiding a line that looked like it stretched all the way down to the water’s edge we made our way through the crowded “it” spot of the moment. We were greeted by some of our favorite faces including Mao and Rodger Padilha who made the entire night possible. It was a night straight out of the iconic Limelight events from the past. Dancing on tables, Acid Betty hosting a fashion show with icon Susan Bartsch, bottles as far as the eye can see, celebrities and New York personalities shoulder to shoulder.

Candid shot of Allanah Starr, Mao Padilha, Roger Padilha, and Amanda Lepore at the After Party

The drinks were flowing and we soon found ourselves posing with our favorites in the industry, but the cherry on top of the night was getting a hug from Phillipe before The Blonds ran off to their congratulatory vacation in Puerto Rico.  We can do nothing but await their return and watch the show on loop until the next installment. We have high hopes for fall and can not wait to see the long list of celebrities clamoring over these one of a kind  works of art. Stay tuned for more killer developments and behind the scenes photos brought to you by Team K.

View the ull show by clicking here.


Foxy Fashions

For those veteran New Yorkers who know the truth about FNO we are preaching to the choir, but for those new to the chaos, we wish you luck in finding your way around the camera hungry bottle vultures this season. The winding blocked off streets somehow give us flashbacks of the first time we saw Cloverfield, and were convinced it could actually happen. Suddenly everyone is sadistic fusion Anna Wintour and that girl in high school with daddy’s credit card.

For those of you brave enough to immerse yourselves in the ironically labeled “Fashion’s Night Out” we suggest a well mapped out plan of attack. For the survivors and veterans of Fashion’s Night Out past we offer a safe haven in the trendiest hot spot of fashion’s finest. Tucked away on the other side of the bridge Brooklyn Fox is having their first ever Fashion Night Out event. I know what you are thinking, “but what’s the difference between Soho and Brooklyn?”… and to that we say, “You must be new”. There is a reason every single show on television is based around finding yourself there. The champagne is flowing, photographers, free grub, new stores, prizes, and best of all breathing room. This year we are determined to do FNO right. See you at the Fox’s den.

To keep up with the latest deals and designers at Brooklyn Fox like them on Facebook

What happened last night?

A question that comes up all too often in this city. In between the bright lights and bar tabs some nights fall between the cracks, but we can’t get this past one out of our minds.

The extremely talented and non-stop energetic beat blasters, Johnathan and BPRO, have been playing on loop in our heads since we saw their last show. The venue was packed, but everyone was hooked on the sound that we can only describe as Prince slapping Daft Punk across the face while David Bowie watched.

Jonathan and BPRO Photogrpah by Santiago Felipe

Johnathan and BPRO have taken electro-pop to a new level. The high energy fusion of sound and visuals drags you in, but the connection between the artists and the fans keeps you coming back. We can only describe the experience as stumbling across that one song that has been in the back of your mind since you can remember, and finally being able to put a name to it.

Performance at Sugarland Photo by Holly Van Voast

The scene savvy duo have perfected the balance of relatable lyrics and making their sound one of a kind. One of our favorite tracks by Johnathan and BPRO captures the essence of a common experience in NYC, “What Happened Last Night“, but seeing it live is definitely an experience. Jonathan belts out the lyrics, and before you realize it you are singing right along with him. Simultaneously you are mesmerized by BPRO beats, and your night belongs to them.

The duo have a rare combination of sound, looks, and reliability which does not come around too often. The last time we saw that mash up was a few years back with Semi Precious Weapons, and they are now playing packed stadiums all around the world. In short we see Jonathan and BPRO blowing up in ways they themselves could not even imagine.

If you want to see the band preform live (and trust us… you do) they have a steady gig the last Friday of every month at Sugarland Bar NYC. Remember to bring a camera because between the dancing and the music you might find yourself not remembering what happened last night. This Friday Jonathan and BPRO kick off their new party Flash Pop. Don’t miss out.

For more free music downloads and info on Jonathan and BPRO click here. Interview coming soon so stay posted.

Young and Friendly

We’re psyched for the up and coming “The Young Friends of Acria” event hosted by our favorite entrepreneur and designer Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea! The event will be held at one of our favorite and glamorous Mondrain Soho. A perfect facet to meet and greet young professionals while helping further the understanding the progression of HIV and AIDS.

We hold this and many other organizations close to heart. ACRIA benefits women, LGBT, and ethnic groups afflicted by this horrible disease.

Donna Karan picking an artists print she purchased. Photos by JOE SCHILDHORN

ACRIA has dedicated followers and contributors from all walks of life and if you can not make it to the event there are numerous venues to donate to the cause. ACRIA even houses a gallery where you can purchase original artwork by supporters of the cause, and even has a donation link on their website.

Kelly Klein Untitled, 2007 Digital C-print

The Young Friends will be holding an event on Tuesday, November 16, 2010 at the Lehmann Maupin Gallery from 6 to 9PM.  For more information or to purchase tickets please call (212) 924-3934, ext. 101 or email For a closer look at what ACRIA stands for and a full events listing please visit ACRIA‘s website.

Glamour Gouhls.

A family that styles together rocks together. This past weekend we broke into the superhero themed Halloween party hosted by our favorite rockstar glamazon, Rabecca Faye, dressed as Wonder Woman.

Faith as Flash with Rabecca as Wonder Woman

The place to be was Glamour Garage owned and operated by Rebecca herself. This two story space sports a downstairs hair salon that rocks everything from car seats repurposed into styling chairs to engines used as coffee tables. The upstairs is a fully functional tattoo parlor with an outward facing window so people on the street can view the artists at work, and trust us you want to watch.

Once you finally take in the pinups and street art that encompasses every surface you are ready to dive in to one of the best Halloween parties New York had to offer. When we say we braved the elements to make it in that night we are not exaggerating.  The snow and wind were doing everything to keep us inside, but to our surprise the venue was filled to capacity.

(L to R) Rabecca, Naomi, Faith, and Ayame.

We ran into some of our favorites Faith Huffnaggle (dressed as a foxy girl Flash), Ayame Matsuoka (dressed as sexy Batgirl), Naomi Yasuda (dressed like a cute female Robin), and Justing Goslin (channeling a gogo Superman). These talented individuals make up the strongest styling team one could ever wish for. The costumes and personalities that night reminded us why we moved to this city in the first place; to have real conversations and experiences with the creative and talented.

Part of team K dressed as a Joker goon.

The looks that night were something to come out for and the party itself was somewhere between a backstage pass meets a naughty high school after party. We are happy avoiding getting trampled in a parade or snuffed out in a crowded club because we satisfied the child within and we did it in the most glamourous way possible.

Faith and Justin

For all of your styling/tattoo needs visit the infamous Glamour Garage located on 141 Havemeyer Street in Brooklyn, New York. Glamour Garage is open 12 pm – 7 pm, 7 days a week. We do not trust anyone else with our look and you shouldn’t either.

A more in depth look into the glamazons of Hello Beaituful/Glamour Garage coming soon…

Sweat out that Sugar.

We are currently in a great mood. Almost as if we are on a sugar high thanks to the launch of a new project with our favorite Brooklyn soon-to-be-non-dive-bar, Sugarland.  It has been a longtime coming but there is nothing that we love more than reinvention. We worked closely with some of our favorite children of the night to launch

Lights and dancing a common theme at Sugarland (Photo by Katie Moss).

The website features everything you would want to know from weekly parties, upcoming special events and performers, instant twitter feed for live reviews and honest opinions, and finally a photo gallery run by the staff itself. You will literally be able to have access to whatever and whoever feels up to sharing their sweets and tweets. And trust us this is the place to be for everything from random free Peaches performances to celebrities letting loose.

Peaches Performing.

As for the bar itself there are some big changes and new lineups in the works, and we are very excited. New stages, better more efficient closets, and even a new terrace. What does that mean for you exactly? More breathing room and faster service when it comes to the nights when Sugarland is packed wall to wall. So keep a close eye out for new improvements and new performers. You finally have a place to unwind, meet up with friends, and forget what happened the night before all in one place. Brooklyn is definitely moving in the right direction and keeping nightlife interesting roping in hundreds of people from Manhattan and we at team K will keep you in the know.

Part of the Sugarland Family. (L to R Dan Paul, Jeff Moss, Mary Joe, Katie Moss)

Don’t Sweat it.

By now you have heard of the massive oil spill in New Zealand that has outgrown the Golf Coast by massive proportions. The incident itself occurred when a tanker colided with a large reef that they are claiming was uncharted (which turned out to be false).

The amount of damage has been unheard of for decades, with 350 tons of oil has entered the Astrolabe Reef off Tauranga and began destroying the ecosystem immediately. What does this mean? Record losses in wildlife and natural resources.

One has caught our eye in particular. The plight of our favorite dapper little gentlemen, the the penguin. One owner of a local knitting shop, Skeinz, has found an intriguing and fashionable way to keep these little guys from preening and ingesting toxic chemicals, penguin-sized sweaters.

That’s right mini-fitted knitwear to cover up their tuxedoless bodies. The shop owner has reported an overabundance of jumpers coming in from all over the world. Besides the functionality it added some individuality among the birds. We just want to know how they match the penguins to the sweaters? Do they pay attention to fit and color? Because we wouldn’t be able to help ourselves.

It goes to show you that even in a horrible economy true animal lovers will put down their picket signs and pick up their knitting needles.

Astro Boy blasting off!!!

So we spent last night with a few iconic staples in New York Nightlife. We kicked off our night with an informal meeting with our favorite punk-rock-king-of -the-club-kids turned hairstylist/entrepreneur, Astro.  For those of you who don’t know the extent of Astro’s involvement in the early ages of punk rock and club kid culture  we will get you up to speed.

Astro Erle with Michael Alig

After breaking free as a runaway on the West Coast Astro found his way to the city that never sleeps and gave it a run for it’s money. As many of you know Michael Alig and James st. James made a huge statement in NYC in the early 80’s – 90’s. What most people don’t know is Astro was a huge part in making that happen. With his wild looks and even wilder attitude there was no way to ignore his influence on punk rock culture in the United states, but why would you want to?


In the early days of Limelight which most know as the future site of IHOP Astro spun his web and made himself a real life fantasy. One can only imagine what all of his experiences coming up in this city were. He’s seen everything, met everyone, and gave them a drink ticket, but talking to him about his up and coming projects you would never be able to tell.

To say he is grounded is an understatement. Astro embodies everything this city is lacking; an understanding and respect for creatives both young and old. To understand the brevity of this you would have to know that he has inspired some of the biggest movements and artists including the current flavor of the week, Lady Gaga. All of this aside he wishes everyone well,

“I don’t see the point in being a c*#t. There is no benefit from it. I hold nothing against people being inspired by me, and doing well. I am genuinely happy for other people’s success and wish them well.”

We are not at all surprised of these affirmations, and remember meeting Astro when we first started out in this city almost 6 years ago. He dubbed me David Kouture, and that set in motion the development of branding


We are pleased to say team Kouturtion is collaborating with this mastermind of reinvention. Astro is doing something that I suggest everyone who has become a creative staple in this city should do, market themselves. Find a niche and take it for all it is worth. Astro is a rarity in this city and if he left the city it would be like losing the Chrysler building. This city is being crushed by the bottle culture and influx of new kids with more interest in makeup than personality.

It is a give and take relationship and as far as Astro is concerned he has been very giving. It is time to get something in return. We are very excited to work on the new the brand that is Astro and trust me kiddies you are going to want to follow his up and coming projects. Stay tuned for a more in depth look into the mind of Astro Erle.

Henson’s History

You might remember him as the goofy voices and motivation behind Kermit the Frog, but not many remember him for his influence over fashion and film. If you haven’t guessed already we are talking about Jim Henson and his whimsical ability to carry our imaginations much farther than the screen.

Lingerie Illustration by Neil Greer.

After generating one of our favorite films, The Dark Crystal, Henson brought together his costume and styling team to pull together  a “dramatic haute-couture collection”. The collection consisted of hand-made goods with hand-screened prints on silk, suede, taffeta, and leather and hand-loomed knits. Each of the designs were meant to showcase the specific talents of each individual designer. The participating designers were Shirley Denney, Ellis Flyte, Val Jones, Lesja Lieber, Diana Moseley, and Cas Willing.

The designers and fabricators: (back, l. to r.) Cas Willing, Diana Moseley, Shirley Denney, (front, l. to r.) Ellis Flyte, Val Jones, Lesja Lieber

The color scheme and pieces pulled from the color palette of The Dark Crystal itself and had a dark romantic quality that was consisted throughout each piece. The collection itself was made up of day and evening looks with hats, gloves, and even jewelry. The accessories alone spoke the great attention to detail and influence of film on fashion.

Cheryl Henson in a Garthim Master Outfit.

The pieces were showcased in the window displays of Bendel’s New York with manikins that were specifically placed in environments that channeled the film’s collaboration to the collection.

Skeskis-inspired evening wear.

Jim Henson is gone but far from forgotten. His dedication to creativity and imagination with no limits cannot be ignored. He was the perfect example of someone who understood that people were not meant to fit a single role in life. His work has been with us since early childhood and followed us into our wardrobes.