Techno Fabric

The age of self reconstructing fabrics is upon us. We all remember scenes from movies growing up where the antagonist is struck down and regenerates unfazed. If you are anything like us the first thing that popped into your head was, “Why can’t we invent something like that for our embarrassing article mishaps.”

Admit it no one on this earth has escaped the terrifying pants split or torn our favorite over-worn Tshirt at some point. Unfortunately the inventors of this miracle fabric have not worked up to that point just yet, but they have found a way to keep you a little bit dryer in the harshest conditions.

What conditions are those you ask? Try the vicious wear and tear of a professional fisherman. We are not talking about the trips your father took as a child where he returned with less fish than beer in his cooler, but the kind you see on TV where they get swept away from the ocean and are never heard of again.

Unfortunately the fabric does not do much for keeping you from falling overboard, but fisherman all over the world will be grateful for the quick repair and the lack of hypothermia that follows.

Sintef Safe at Sea Rainwear

The Scandinavian scientists who invented the fabric describe the functionality of the material,

“If the coating snags, microcapsules burst to release the sealants that harden in contact with air and water.”

Although the scientists are not entirely sure how the fabric would old up with more drastic tares they are working towards perfecting the next step to getting us some rocket packs and floating cars.

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