Don’t Sweat it.

By now you have heard of the massive oil spill in New Zealand that has outgrown the Golf Coast by massive proportions. The incident itself occurred when a tanker colided with a large reef that they are claiming was uncharted (which turned out to be false).

The amount of damage has been unheard of for decades, with 350 tons of oil has entered the Astrolabe Reef off Tauranga and began destroying the ecosystem immediately. What does this mean? Record losses in wildlife and natural resources.

One has caught our eye in particular. The plight of our favorite dapper little gentlemen, the the penguin. One owner of a local knitting shop, Skeinz, has found an intriguing and fashionable way to keep these little guys from preening and ingesting toxic chemicals, penguin-sized sweaters.

That’s right mini-fitted knitwear to cover up their tuxedoless bodies. The shop owner has reported an overabundance of jumpers coming in from all over the world. Besides the functionality it added some individuality among the birds. We just want to know how they match the penguins to the sweaters? Do they pay attention to fit and color? Because we wouldn’t be able to help ourselves.

It goes to show you that even in a horrible economy true animal lovers will put down their picket signs and pick up their knitting needles.

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