Outside the box.

Being green still seems to be on the top of everyone’s to do list. If it is recycling you are into check out one of our new favorite innovative green thumbs Marc O’Brian.

Smart Shoes

Marc is a young UK based designer who works primarily with cardboard sculptures making stunningly detailed replicas of everyday items out of, well, cardboard. We are mostly impressed with his functional creation dubbed the “Smart Shoes”. Marc has created a well fitting and functional fashion piece he describes as,

“Shoes seem to work really well in cardboard. Because corrugated cardboard won’t flow and bend like leather or canvas it takes a lot of squashing and twisting to get it into shape, which seems to bring out the corrugated structure and chunky look of the material.”

Looking over his portfolio we are amazed at some of his creations and his dedication to detail. O’Brian has designed and made custom pieces for window displays and is an amazing artist for hire. So if you are looking for that little something extra, and excuse our pun, “out of the box” hit up Marc and you will not be¬†disappointed.

NoiseLab Window Display by Marc O'Brian

If you would like to see more of his work (and we know you do) just click here.

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