Henson’s History

You might remember him as the goofy voices and motivation behind Kermit the Frog, but not many remember him for his influence over fashion and film. If you haven’t guessed already we are talking about Jim Henson and his whimsical ability to carry our imaginations much farther than the screen.

Lingerie Illustration by Neil Greer.

After generating one of our favorite films, The Dark Crystal, Henson brought together his costume and styling team to pull together  a “dramatic haute-couture collection”. The collection consisted of hand-made goods with hand-screened prints on silk, suede, taffeta, and leather and hand-loomed knits. Each of the designs were meant to showcase the specific talents of each individual designer. The participating designers were Shirley Denney, Ellis Flyte, Val Jones, Lesja Lieber, Diana Moseley, and Cas Willing.

The designers and fabricators: (back, l. to r.) Cas Willing, Diana Moseley, Shirley Denney, (front, l. to r.) Ellis Flyte, Val Jones, Lesja Lieber

The color scheme and pieces pulled from the color palette of The Dark Crystal itself and had a dark romantic quality that was consisted throughout each piece. The collection itself was made up of day and evening looks with hats, gloves, and even jewelry. The accessories alone spoke the great attention to detail and influence of film on fashion.

Cheryl Henson in a Garthim Master Outfit.

The pieces were showcased in the window displays of Bendel’s New York with manikins that were specifically placed in environments that channeled the film’s collaboration to the collection.

Skeskis-inspired evening wear.

Jim Henson is gone but far from forgotten. His dedication to creativity and imagination with no limits cannot be ignored. He was the perfect example of someone who understood that people were not meant to fit a single role in life. His work has been with us since early childhood and followed us into our wardrobes.

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