Blond’s Do Have more fun.

We recently discovered the radiant Phillipe Blond, of The Blonds, made his way into the underground world of Tumblr. Perhaps one of the most innovative, ever changing, and positively explosive labels on the runway.

You don’t think you know their work? Trust me you have. They have worked with the off the wall ready to wear iconic Sex in the City cast, to the incomparable Kylie Minogue herself. Celebrities and fashionistas alike are pulling for their chance to adorn their own little slice of the iconic duo’s designs.

Personally we have loved The Blonde’s aesthetic which we can only describe as a combination of Jem, My Little Pony, and a chainsaw. Whether they are studding out Gaga, chaining down Adam Lambert, or giving Miley wings we at Kouturtion love us some Blonds.

Follow the design icon himself at Get lost in his archive of behind the scene photos and fall in love with his personality.

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