Glamour Gouhls.

A family that styles together rocks together. This past weekend we broke into the superhero themed Halloween party hosted by our favorite rockstar glamazon, Rabecca Faye, dressed as Wonder Woman.

Faith as Flash with Rabecca as Wonder Woman

The place to be was Glamour Garage owned and operated by Rebecca herself. This two story space sports a downstairs hair salon that rocks everything from car seats repurposed into styling chairs to engines used as coffee tables. The upstairs is a fully functional tattoo parlor with an outward facing window so people on the street can view the artists at work, and trust us you want to watch.

Once you finally take in the pinups and street art that encompasses every surface you are ready to dive in to one of the best Halloween parties New York had to offer. When we say we braved the elements to make it in that night we are not exaggerating.  The snow and wind were doing everything to keep us inside, but to our surprise the venue was filled to capacity.

(L to R) Rabecca, Naomi, Faith, and Ayame.

We ran into some of our favorites Faith Huffnaggle (dressed as a foxy girl Flash), Ayame Matsuoka (dressed as sexy Batgirl), Naomi Yasuda (dressed like a cute female Robin), and Justing Goslin (channeling a gogo Superman). These talented individuals make up the strongest styling team one could ever wish for. The costumes and personalities that night reminded us why we moved to this city in the first place; to have real conversations and experiences with the creative and talented.

Part of team K dressed as a Joker goon.

The looks that night were something to come out for and the party itself was somewhere between a backstage pass meets a naughty high school after party. We are happy avoiding getting trampled in a parade or snuffed out in a crowded club because we satisfied the child within and we did it in the most glamourous way possible.

Faith and Justin

For all of your styling/tattoo needs visit the infamous Glamour Garage located on 141 Havemeyer Street in Brooklyn, New York. Glamour Garage is open 12 pm – 7 pm, 7 days a week. We do not trust anyone else with our look and you shouldn’t either.

A more in depth look into the glamazons of Hello Beaituful/Glamour Garage coming soon…

Sweat out that Sugar.

We are currently in a great mood. Almost as if we are on a sugar high thanks to the launch of a new project with our favorite Brooklyn soon-to-be-non-dive-bar, Sugarland.  It has been a longtime coming but there is nothing that we love more than reinvention. We worked closely with some of our favorite children of the night to launch

Lights and dancing a common theme at Sugarland (Photo by Katie Moss).

The website features everything you would want to know from weekly parties, upcoming special events and performers, instant twitter feed for live reviews and honest opinions, and finally a photo gallery run by the staff itself. You will literally be able to have access to whatever and whoever feels up to sharing their sweets and tweets. And trust us this is the place to be for everything from random free Peaches performances to celebrities letting loose.

Peaches Performing.

As for the bar itself there are some big changes and new lineups in the works, and we are very excited. New stages, better more efficient closets, and even a new terrace. What does that mean for you exactly? More breathing room and faster service when it comes to the nights when Sugarland is packed wall to wall. So keep a close eye out for new improvements and new performers. You finally have a place to unwind, meet up with friends, and forget what happened the night before all in one place. Brooklyn is definitely moving in the right direction and keeping nightlife interesting roping in hundreds of people from Manhattan and we at team K will keep you in the know.

Part of the Sugarland Family. (L to R Dan Paul, Jeff Moss, Mary Joe, Katie Moss)

Don’t Sweat it.

By now you have heard of the massive oil spill in New Zealand that has outgrown the Golf Coast by massive proportions. The incident itself occurred when a tanker colided with a large reef that they are claiming was uncharted (which turned out to be false).

The amount of damage has been unheard of for decades, with 350 tons of oil has entered the Astrolabe Reef off Tauranga and began destroying the ecosystem immediately. What does this mean? Record losses in wildlife and natural resources.

One has caught our eye in particular. The plight of our favorite dapper little gentlemen, the the penguin. One owner of a local knitting shop, Skeinz, has found an intriguing and fashionable way to keep these little guys from preening and ingesting toxic chemicals, penguin-sized sweaters.

That’s right mini-fitted knitwear to cover up their tuxedoless bodies. The shop owner has reported an overabundance of jumpers coming in from all over the world. Besides the functionality it added some individuality among the birds. We just want to know how they match the penguins to the sweaters? Do they pay attention to fit and color? Because we wouldn’t be able to help ourselves.

It goes to show you that even in a horrible economy true animal lovers will put down their picket signs and pick up their knitting needles.

Dark Digitals.

Anton Semenov’s digital paintings are a haunting combination of melancholy and sheer terror. The subject matter varies from loosely formed flesh monsters to the common monster under the bed theme.

Although the subject matter seems to fall under the same premise each piece has its own story to tell, and in some cases reads like a narrative.

We are huge fans of Anton’s work. He channels a clear inspiration from one of our favorite artists/filmmakers, Tim Burton. So do yourself a favor this Halloween and fill your house with his flesh-bound monsters. They would look great in the nursery.

Astro Boy blasting off!!!

So we spent last night with a few iconic staples in New York Nightlife. We kicked off our night with an informal meeting with our favorite punk-rock-king-of -the-club-kids turned hairstylist/entrepreneur, Astro.  For those of you who don’t know the extent of Astro’s involvement in the early ages of punk rock and club kid culture  we will get you up to speed.

Astro Erle with Michael Alig

After breaking free as a runaway on the West Coast Astro found his way to the city that never sleeps and gave it a run for it’s money. As many of you know Michael Alig and James st. James made a huge statement in NYC in the early 80’s – 90’s. What most people don’t know is Astro was a huge part in making that happen. With his wild looks and even wilder attitude there was no way to ignore his influence on punk rock culture in the United states, but why would you want to?


In the early days of Limelight which most know as the future site of IHOP Astro spun his web and made himself a real life fantasy. One can only imagine what all of his experiences coming up in this city were. He’s seen everything, met everyone, and gave them a drink ticket, but talking to him about his up and coming projects you would never be able to tell.

To say he is grounded is an understatement. Astro embodies everything this city is lacking; an understanding and respect for creatives both young and old. To understand the brevity of this you would have to know that he has inspired some of the biggest movements and artists including the current flavor of the week, Lady Gaga. All of this aside he wishes everyone well,

“I don’t see the point in being a c*#t. There is no benefit from it. I hold nothing against people being inspired by me, and doing well. I am genuinely happy for other people’s success and wish them well.”

We are not at all surprised of these affirmations, and remember meeting Astro when we first started out in this city almost 6 years ago. He dubbed me David Kouture, and that set in motion the development of branding


We are pleased to say team Kouturtion is collaborating with this mastermind of reinvention. Astro is doing something that I suggest everyone who has become a creative staple in this city should do, market themselves. Find a niche and take it for all it is worth. Astro is a rarity in this city and if he left the city it would be like losing the Chrysler building. This city is being crushed by the bottle culture and influx of new kids with more interest in makeup than personality.

It is a give and take relationship and as far as Astro is concerned he has been very giving. It is time to get something in return. We are very excited to work on the new the brand that is Astro and trust me kiddies you are going to want to follow his up and coming projects. Stay tuned for a more in depth look into the mind of Astro Erle.

Outside the box.

Being green still seems to be on the top of everyone’s to do list. If it is recycling you are into check out one of our new favorite innovative green thumbs Marc O’Brian.

Smart Shoes

Marc is a young UK based designer who works primarily with cardboard sculptures making stunningly detailed replicas of everyday items out of, well, cardboard. We are mostly impressed with his functional creation dubbed the “Smart Shoes”. Marc has created a well fitting and functional fashion piece he describes as,

“Shoes seem to work really well in cardboard. Because corrugated cardboard won’t flow and bend like leather or canvas it takes a lot of squashing and twisting to get it into shape, which seems to bring out the corrugated structure and chunky look of the material.”

Looking over his portfolio we are amazed at some of his creations and his dedication to detail. O’Brian has designed and made custom pieces for window displays and is an amazing artist for hire. So if you are looking for that little something extra, and excuse our pun, “out of the box” hit up Marc and you will not be disappointed.

NoiseLab Window Display by Marc O'Brian

If you would like to see more of his work (and we know you do) just click here.

Henson’s History

You might remember him as the goofy voices and motivation behind Kermit the Frog, but not many remember him for his influence over fashion and film. If you haven’t guessed already we are talking about Jim Henson and his whimsical ability to carry our imaginations much farther than the screen.

Lingerie Illustration by Neil Greer.

After generating one of our favorite films, The Dark Crystal, Henson brought together his costume and styling team to pull together  a “dramatic haute-couture collection”. The collection consisted of hand-made goods with hand-screened prints on silk, suede, taffeta, and leather and hand-loomed knits. Each of the designs were meant to showcase the specific talents of each individual designer. The participating designers were Shirley Denney, Ellis Flyte, Val Jones, Lesja Lieber, Diana Moseley, and Cas Willing.

The designers and fabricators: (back, l. to r.) Cas Willing, Diana Moseley, Shirley Denney, (front, l. to r.) Ellis Flyte, Val Jones, Lesja Lieber

The color scheme and pieces pulled from the color palette of The Dark Crystal itself and had a dark romantic quality that was consisted throughout each piece. The collection itself was made up of day and evening looks with hats, gloves, and even jewelry. The accessories alone spoke the great attention to detail and influence of film on fashion.

Cheryl Henson in a Garthim Master Outfit.

The pieces were showcased in the window displays of Bendel’s New York with manikins that were specifically placed in environments that channeled the film’s collaboration to the collection.

Skeskis-inspired evening wear.

Jim Henson is gone but far from forgotten. His dedication to creativity and imagination with no limits cannot be ignored. He was the perfect example of someone who understood that people were not meant to fit a single role in life. His work has been with us since early childhood and followed us into our wardrobes.

Looking up with Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea

Design: Lucia Sanchez Barrenechea Photography: Urko Suaya Models: Maita Barreneachea, Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea, Catalina Sanchez Barrenechea and Lucia Sanchez Barrenechea

We finally caught up with our favorite fashion entrepreneur, Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea, after she arrived back in NYC from Paris. I have had the honor to intern under her creative mind at one of the top high fashion advertising agencies in the world, and was delighted to hear that while she conquers her hectic work schedule she will be co-managing (with her two equally as talented sisters) our new favorite  online boutique . We were very gracious and humbled that she had the time for a short interview:

Q: You have been working in the fashion for several years. What inspired you to stay in the industry?
A: The more I worked in the industry, the more I got to know how it worked, and it fascinates me experience it on my own, with my own business, my own achievements, and my own mistakes.
Q: Do you think being signed with a major modeling agency helped or hurt your career?
A: I don’t think it made any difference. In NY, if you work hard and you are passionate, you can achieve any goals. When working as an Art Director I never consider myself a model, I totally separated the two roles.
Q:  You recently started up an online boutique store called “”. What was the inspiration behind the precise direction and audience?
A: The inspiration for this Argentinian Designers Store was my love for my country, it’s people and it’s talent. When I moved to NY, I constantly got stopped and asked where I had bought something I was wearing that caught their eyes. These pieces were always Argentinian, and not available here in the US. So after a while I decided to make that gap disappear, by providing my favorite Argentinian Designers a place where they could sell their products to the whole world.
Most of the products we sell are hand made and one of a kind, which attract a very fashionable and strong audience. This niche I feel is growing bigger and bigger every day, and people are looking for unique things that they feel special with, not a big logo, not a repeated trend, just a different and rare piece.
 Q: Who has influenced you the most in your progression from creative to entrepreneur in the industry?
A: My parents are both entrepreneurs, and since I was young I admired their courage to work in new fields and succeed in a not very predictable economy.
Q: You have been featured in numerous publications for your personal style, including Vogue. What is the one fashion piece you cannot go without in your
A: My black leather jacket and my Perez Sanz Clutch
Q: You recently came back from Paris. Which city are you drawn to creatively or for inspiration?
A: I prefer nature than cities, I get more inspiration in the middle of nowhere than in the center of the world. That’s why I think it’s completely necessary for creative people to go out, to explore, and to see the world.

Kanye West After Party at Silencio Anthony Vaccarello’s sharp dress and Cabinet Oseo Rings Tags: Kanye West Silecio Cabinet Oseo Anthony Vaccarello

We could not agree with her assessment on staying true to your personal style and fashion roots. There is no accessory that ties together an outfit better than the heritage of good design and aesthetics. I myself have often said that what the industry needs a less narrow-minded understanding of what beauty is, and that competitors offer you clearance items while Under Our Sky offers you that unique piece that will catch everyone’s eye.
We look forward to watching Sofia and her company flourish in only ways we can imagine and you can too by following UnderOurSky on twitter and tumblr. With the holiday season coming up do not forget to visit Under Our Sky for everything from dining to handbags. We know we will!!!

Zombie attack

A Zombie Glass Decanter is available just in time for Halloween for only $19.99 USD at thinkgeek. It reminds us of the Crystal Head Vodka bottle design, but apparently there is a large market for people who want to drink out of a zombie head or skull. No judgement. Just design.

Unfortunately it doesn’t hold brains, but it would be the perfect gift for your zombie crazed friend or add an extra something to your annual Halloween party. We ordered ours a few minutes ago and are excited to crack it open in front of unsuspecting house guests. No judgement. Just design.


10 ft. Single by Stela Dallas photo by David Kuperminc

Personal style comes down to a lot of things, but in the end it’s as simple as a reflection of your own voice. My voice in particular screams oversized vintage rocker tee, folded down motorcycle boots, and 70’s blackout aviators. Where do I find my pieces to build my look? Good question.

One of our favorite stops in the thrift shoppers mecca of Williamsburg is a very well-hidden gem known as 10ft Single by Stella Dallas. The name alone grabs your attention, but when you first walk in and see two large rooms wall to wall with military jackets  and leather boots you’ll have a hard time leaving. Coming from a background of fashion design in Americana outerwear I can attest that their vintage looks are legit, and as a rocker I can tell you I have drooled over their collection of band tees.

Their shoe and boot collection is something to be admired. Not only do they have a shoe section that spills into two rooms, but the well over fifty clothing racks are lined with a variety of footwear. For those of you looking for those rare pieces if you make it in before the rush you can find vintage 60’s mod looks to full on jumpers. The selection of vintage leather jackets encompass everything from rocker carcasses, aviation jackets, and even Euro-cut moto jackets. It’s almost impossible to not find something.

Long story short we are in love with 10 ft. Single by Stella Dallas, and next time you are around 285 N 6th st. Brooklyn, NY 11211 you will be too.

Killer Denim

Manual Sandblasting

Is it worth the money?

Apparently Dolce & Gabbana are under some heat from the Clean Clothes Campaign for the practice of manual sandblasting in garment producing countries like Turkey and Bangladesh. The sandblasting process involves individuals blasting sand at high temperatures to get the warn look. During the process the dust enters the environment, exposing workers to silica, which causes silicosis in the lungs. The workers eventually die after not being able to breath properly. There is apparently no known cure to date. Some brands have already taken the role of outlawing the procedure such as Levi’s, H&M, C&A, Gucci, and most recently Armani. D&G has yet to publicly ban the practice and are hoping to fly under the radar for as long as possible. We at team Kouturtion do not support a process in which innocent animals or people are harmed in the production process. Do not get us wrong we love our denim treatments and have a relationship with D&G and hope this is just an oversite. You can sign the petition through and make a change in fashion for the better.

or if you would rather not sign up and give out your personal information you can copy and past the petition letter below and send it in to Dolce & Gabbana themselves.

Stop the Killer Jeans


I just signed the following petition addressed to: Dolce & Gabbana.

Dolce & Gabbana: Basta comprare jeans che uccidono


Vi scrivo per portare alla vostra attenzione i gravi effetti sulla salute degli operai che potrebbero essere coinvolti nella produzione di jeans per Dolce & Gabbana.

Come forse sapete, è stato dimostrato che la scoloritura dei jeans attraverso il processo di sabbiatura manuale presenta rischi gravi per i lavoratori che lo utilizzano. Casi documentati fra i lavoratori addetti alla sabbiatura dimostrano che l’esposizione a questo processo può portare alla silicosi, che in molti casi è fatale.

La silicosi è stata a lungo associata ai lavoratori nel settore minerario e solo recentemente questa malattia è stata riscontrata tra i lavoratori tessili. Inoltre, dalle prove raccolte, è chiaro che si tratta di una forma particolarmente aggressiva. A differenza della forma cronica comune fra i minatori, che può richiedere anche 20 anni perché si sviluppi, la silicosi acuta che affligge i sabbiatori di jeans si sviluppa nell’arco di tempo compreso fra 6 mesi e due anni di esposizione. Un periodo relativamente breve che spiega perchè gli operatori della sabbiatura si ammalano gravemente in modo inaspettato e improvviso.

Ciononostante la Vostra azienda non ha ancora pubblicamente vietato la sabbiatura.

Data la gravità degli impatti di questo processo sulla salute, faccio appello a Dolce & Gabbana perché bandisca pubblicamente la sabbiatura dalla catena di fornitura e adotti le misure necessarie per essere in grado di garantire che ogni paio di jeans venduto dalla società sia “senza sabbiatura”.

Un certo numero di altre società come Lévi-Strauss & Co., Benetton, New Look, Marks & Spencer, Gucci e Esprit hanno già assunto un impegno a vietare la sabbiatura nella produzione dei jeans.

Dolce & Gabbana si unirà alla lista di queste aziende orientate ad una produzione più responsabile?

Gradirei una risposta a La vostra risposta sarà condivisa con le migliaia di persone in tutto il mondo che si uniscono a questa campagna.


I am writing to bring your attention to serious health affects of factory workers who may be producing blue jeans for Dolce & Gabbana.

As you may know, there has been increasing evidence that the fading of jeans through the process of manual sandblasting is presenting serious health risks to workers who apply it. Documented cases among sandblasting workers prove that exposure to this process can lead to silicosis, which in many cases is fatal.

Silicosis has long been associated with workers in the mining industry and it is only recently that this illness has been documented among garment workers. However, from the current evidence, it is clear that this is a particularly aggressive form of the disease. Unlike the chronic form common to miners, which can take 20 years to develop, the acute silicosis experienced by jeans sandblasters develops within 6 months to two years of exposure. Therefore, workers are at risk of developing the disease after a relatively short period of exposure. Sandblasting operators are falling gravely ill unexpectedly and suddenly.

But your company has yet to publicly ban sandblasting.

Given the gravity of the health impacts of this process, I am joining the call on Dolce & Gabbana to publicly ban sandblasting from your supply chain and to take the steps needed to be able to guarantee that every pair of jeans sold by your company is “sandblast free”.

A number of other companies such as Levi-Strauss & Co., Benetton, New Look, Marks & Spencer, Gucci, and Esprit have already made a commitment to ban sandblasting in the production of their blue jeans.

Will Dolce & Gabbana join the ranks of these companies committed to a more responsible production?

I would appreciate a reply to Your reply will be shared with the thousands of people all over the world joining this campaign.


[Your name]




Worth the wait.

It seems as if we have been working forever to get this site off the ground, but the end result was worth the wait. We have several industry icons and up-and-coming artists all willing to sit down with us for an interview. What does this mean exactly? It means that you the reader get the unedited and unrevised real version of industry insiders point of view. Our team is comprised of industry professionals with several decades of combined experience in fashion, nightlife, art, technology, and design. Our Editor/Director David K. has been through his share of industry experiences, and can personally tell you that the real world is nothing like what you are told to expect after you pick up that diploma. So he gathered a few of his closest friends and icons in the industry to pull together a site that can help guide you through it. Long story short we are here to educate, entertain, and of course vent about our own experiences. So buckle in and let’s see where it takes us.

High Horse.


Art for Esquire magazine by Brock Davis

Says Brock: “Piece for Esquire’s Grooming Spectacular: The Ramifications of a bold new haircut – in the October 2011 issue. My good friend Amy Meyer did a fantastic job creating the stallion hairpiece. Model is my friend Gabe. ¡El magnífico semental!”


summerdiary: Men-ups! by Rion Sabean The brainchild of Florida based photographer Rion Sabeen, the M


This gallery contains 8 photos.

summerdiary: Men-ups! by Rion Sabean The brainchild of Florida based photographer Rion Sabeen, the Men-ups! series makes a play on the sexes…with men cast in the familiar coy poses of stereotypical vintage pin-up art posters. They challenge the norm, and … Continue reading

Blond’s Do Have more fun.


This gallery contains 5 photos.

We recently discovered the radiant Phillipe Blond, of The Blonds, made his way into the underground world of Tumblr. Perhaps one of the most innovative, ever changing, and positively explosive labels on the runway. You don’t think you know their work? Trust me … Continue reading

Cubed in.

New York artist Olek covered the Astor Place Cube last night. She has crocheted the following quote: “I’m still proud to say what I do for a living”. She says it’s a message to support the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protest Downtown. She normally covers bicycles and if you have been in Soho you might have seen her work. Even breaking into Brooklyn and covering random objects on Lorimer and Bedford.


Caped Crusader.

Remember when capes were in? I think it was the same time Harry Potter came out… oh and in the 1700’s. We understand that not everything is meant for everyday wear, but please be mindful of looking like your other accessory is a broom. That being said Lara Stone can work a meat dress at a Peta protest. And we are HUGE fans of the dominatrix inspired push up.

“La Belle Maltresse” Vogue Japan editorial by Mario Sorrenti. Stylist George Cortina.